from the ashes ︎︎︎ 02 series 

This material is available for cooperations. Studio peipei continues to develop and improve thes recipe. All steps are handmade, the glass is hand blown. It is suitable for small series and custom-made products.

    from the ashes is a glass based on ashes from wood-fired pizzerias, clam shells from seafood restaurants and sand.
Visit from the ashes - a glass for next generations to learn more about the recipe itself. This chapter mainly deals with the manufacturing options and describes new findings in the implementation.

In addition to high-quality sand from Germany, this glass consists only of waste. The ashes are obtained from various wood-fired pizzerias in Munich and the clam shells come from a seafood restaurant in Barcelona. 

After weeks of collecting and preparing the ingredients by hand, the mixture is melted and processed together with the glassblower theglassapprentice. The recipe has been optimized and the amount of waste increased to 40%. In order to lower the melting point even further, 20% sorted out broken glass is added which is normally no longer used.

The results are always visually unpredictable. Each of these glasses is completely different despite being made from the same ingredients and made on the same day. Glass is a sensitive structure that reacts to every ingredient, no matter how small. The recycled ingredients determine the appearance. Impurities and irregularities are welcome.

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