the playground ︎︎︎ material explorations

This is a collection of various experiments. It gives a comprehensive insight into how the studio works. Some of the discovered materials are already on the next step towards the product, others are available for development in cooperation.

  We are increasingly losing touch with nature. We only specialize in a few areas that make up our everyday life. We no longer fight daily and self-sufficient for survival, we share the tasks and the income. And that's just as well. It is efficient and allows freedom, health and self-actualization. But with this we also forget the power of our environment. 

Hardly anyone in my generation can identify more than five trees. I can’t either.

We forget basic knowledge about plants and food. Who still knows the real taste of a tomato? In addition, we are surprised by natural disasters, crop failures and weather changes. Through material research, Studio Peipei shows alternatives how we can respect and understand our environment in products. 

Slates and agar agar become a flexible and moldable stone skin.

Sawdust from various stones combined with grass, algae and orange peel. The result are materials with surprising properties that offer the stone completely new application possibilities.

Furthermore, sand, clay and dust were combined in different variations with leftover food, flowers, algae and many more.

Local clay is transformed into a flexible, ceramic-looking object with soap and agar agar.

Sugar cane as a binding agent, mixed with barbecue ash to recycle toxic substances and coffee filters to achieve stability and flexibility through fine paper fibers. 

Food waste and the natural environment in the city add up to endless sources of materials. ︎︎︎ Why don't we collect more things in a separated recycling loop, such as glass or paper?

Grasses and needles mixed with gelatin to keep their appearance.

3d printed biscuit. ︎︎︎ Why is a new technology still specialized in plastics and toxic substances?

Fabric dyed with algae

Coffee grounds, house dust, hair and leftover food. A playful attempt to invent materials in quarantine times.

© Benedikt Peirotén 2021