fungal skin
︎︎︎ symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast

Studio peipei explored the cultivation of bacterial skins and researched a production purely from food waste.

    Materials of the future expect high requirements. In addition to the haptic and optical quality, production and recyclability are finally being considered. Plant-based materials in particular will play a key role in this. It becomes a problem when this competes with the food supply.

How we produce things is just as important as what we produce.

The so-called Scobys are symbioses of bacteria and yeasts. They usually grow from fermented tea and sugar. But what role do these ingredients play and can they be replaced with waste?

A wide variety of tests were conducted over a period of months, ranging from foil-like skins to solid leather alternatives. The main focus was which kitchen waste promotes growth or develops new properties. The results are very promising and surprisingly versatile. At this point, the project was paused indefinitely and all experiences were documented.
For a more detailed study of the bacterial structures, the studio is open to inquiries.

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