fungal skin ︎︎︎ symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast

This material is available for cooperations. Studio peipei studied the cultivation of bacterial skins and recognized that this leather substitute could also be created solely from food leftovers.

    When developing new materials, there are always many challenges. In principle, it is always expected that new materials should have at least the same quality as existing comparable products. With at least the same profitability and feasibility. But that always forces us back into old systems, which are the real problem.

How we produce things is far more problematic than what we produce.

The so-called Scobys are symbioses of bacteria and yeasts. They usually grow from fermented tea and sugar. So on food. But what role do these ingredients play and could it not only be waste that makes this culture grow?

A wide variety of tests were conducted over a period of months, ranging from foil-like skins to solid leather alternatives. The main focus was on which kitchen waste promotes growth or develops new properties.The project is very promising and various tests have been successful. A cooperation is currently being sought for a more defined research

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