abandoned earth ︎︎︎ tableware made from industrial waste

It's about the details. And even with the simplest things, like a plate, small decisions have big implications. The design of this tableware is determined by the most ecological production possible.

Ceramic objects always suggest sustainability and environmental friendliness. This is fundamentally not wrong.
The basic materials are available in large quantities almost everywhere in the world, today's kilns are extremely efficient and can be operated with household electricity, and even burned rejects are returned to the cycle. Seemingly endless demand always allows for a local scene, so trade routes could be short.

In most cases, however, well-known retail chains do not even produce in European countries, even though they sell it here. As a result, long distances are covered by ship or plane, giving a once recyclable product an unnecessarily large footprint. Not to mention the conditions under which these products were made. 

To source local tones, the studio was looking for a permanent and meaningful solution. This uncovered a source of waste from a nearby retailer: dried out types of clay from damaged packaging. This happens so regularly that it exceeds the studio's needs. 

︎︎︎ Abandoned Earth is made from industrial waste and rain water. It is “not made in China” which is not aimed at citizens of this country. The criticism is directed at European companies that are not interested in sustainable production. "China" is just a placeholder for countries that are repeatedly in the spotlight because of their questionable structures.

The Tableware is produced as minimalist as possible by avoiding disposable plastics, plaster molds or electric potter‘s wheel. The size of the plates is adapted to the size of the kiln to burn as efficiently as possible. 

The studio has already recycled over 300kg of clay in the first three months of production, which is equivalent to around 600 plates

However, sustainability that is meant to be taken seriously must always be questioned and reconsidered. The Abandoned Earth products are constantly being optimized.

© Benedikt Peirotén 2021