This studio focuses on circular design and develops applications for materials previously seen as waste. The key is to be able to identify industrial residues and recognize their potential.
In contrast to conventional design, the creative process begins with the material and not with a product idea. This creates the possibility of considering any resource as equally valuable. The only way to a holistic material cycle.

In addition to material and product design, the studio also works in an advisory capacity. By enjoying sustainability, it helps a wide variety of companies to reduce their footprint sensibly and profitably. Compaction instead of growth is the basic approach.

Award ︎︎︎ ELISAVA Masters Award Gold, 9th Edition 2022
Award ︎︎︎ Green Concept Award Winner 2022
Award ︎︎︎ Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño, Finalista 2022
Award ︎︎︎ European Product Design Award 2021
Award ︎︎︎ Siemens Home Appliances Design Award Public Vote 2018
Award ︎︎︎ IKEA Stiftungs Designpreis 2017

Exhibition ︎︎︎ Blut & Staub - Wenn Reststoffe zu Werkstoffen werden, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur & Materialarchiv Zürich, 03/24 - 09/24
Exhibition ︎︎︎ ‘Tête-à-Tête’ group show, Forwart Gallery + OWN, Antwerp 07/23
Exhibition ︎︎︎ ‘Postcards from Rotterdam’, DOEN + OWN & Alisa Lim A Po, Rotterdam 03/23
Exhibition ︎︎︎ Ambiente Frankfurt, Haute Innovation “Circular Dining Materials” 02/23
Exhibition ︎︎︎ Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño, Madrid 11/22
Exhibition ︎︎︎ 10. Recycling Design Prize / Martha Herford Museum, Herford 08/22
Exhibition ︎︎︎ 10. Recycling Design Prize / Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin 08/22
Exhibition ︎︎︎ Milan Design Week 22
Exhibition ︎︎︎ Spazioarte, Munich 05/22
Exhibition ︎︎︎ TRIGGER, Barcelona 07/21
Exhibition ︎︎︎ Materials Narratives, Barcelona 04/21

Mentoring ︎︎︎ Material Design Master Thesis Cavecraft by Leonie Goejer at ELISAVA Barcelona, 23/24
Mentoring  ︎︎︎ Material Design Master Thesis Biocharged - a battery of ecological awareness by Fenna Kosfeld at ELISAVA Barcelona, 23/24
Workshop ︎︎︎ ELISAVA Barcelona, New Materials Master Class, 4 Days, 02/24
Lecture ︎︎︎ Technical University Munich, Department of Architecture, winter semester 23/24
Workshop ︎︎︎ ELISAVA Barcelona, Beyond Products Master Class, 5 Days, 11/23
Lecture ︎︎︎ Glass Society Ireland, Summer Festival 05/22

Benedikt Peirotén, Founder,
started his education with an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic in CNC milling and graduated from highschool afterwards to study INDUSTRIAL DESIGN in Munich [Germany] and Basel [Switzerland], expanded with Internships at SMAL [Product Design] and ATELIER STEFFEN KEHRLE [Furniture Design]. He then started to work at N+P INDUSTRIAL DESIGN [Industrial Design] and decided to continue with a MASTER IN DESIGN THROUGH NEW MATERIALS at ELISAVA in Barcelona [Spain].
He then worked as a product and material designer at NEOMIND [Public Transportation Design] and finally founded one of the first material design studios in Germany, STUDIO PEIPEI, in October 2021.

Dennis Maulbetsch, Project Manager, 
started his education as an industrial clerk apprentice in the printing and packaging industry. Thereafter he lived and worked in London, Singapore and Melbourne growing his professional network, gaining international experience in high-end hospitality and design businesses. With his widespread interest in products, manufacturing processes, his keen eye for detail and high level of empathy, Dennis joined studio peipei in March 2024 as project manager and right hand man for all things collaboration and networks.

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