We were born into a world based on consumption and waste. The resulting problems are omnipresent and have been known for decades, and the resulting climate change shows us new catastrophes every day. Apparently hopeless.

But there are also prospects for a better future. For thousands of years, the respectful and circular use of resources was the basis of very different, highly modern societies at the time. Nature also knows no waste, everything is of equal value.
By understanding that we all depend on the same limited resources, we need to start using them collectively and wisely. One's waste is another's basis.
Material designers can act as a bridge between individual linear productions and connect them into cycles.

Benedikt Peirotén, born in 1990, is a designer based in Munich.
He started his education with an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic in CNC milling and graduated from highschool afterwards to study INDUSTRIAL DESIGN in Munich [Germany] and Basel [Switzerland], expanded with Internships at SMAL. and ATELIER STEFFEN KEHRLE. Working as an Industrial Designer at N+P INDUSTRIAL DESIGN made him realize that this is not enough.
A MASTER IN DESIGN THROUGH NEW MATERIALS at ELISAVA in Barcelona [Spain] filled last gaps in knowledge and opened up an infinite number of questions at the same time. Studio peipei was founded in October 2021.

Font and corporate design by
Moritz Hundbiss [Integral Axel Steinberger Zurich]
Sebastian Schmitt [Bureau Est]

© Benedikt Peirotén 2021