Manifest. We are born into a world built on consumption and waste. We do not accept that every action leaves a trace and that this has consequences for the entire world. We still ignore the fact that personal well-being can no longer be separated from global well-being. Climate change will force us to further develop our traditions and greenwashing won’t help. ︎︎︎ This is not a finger pointing, this is a handshake.

Studio peipei avoids linear production methods that extract material from earth and leave waste behind. Nature does not produce waste, even by-products and leftovers have value. We can learn from this by taking care of existing waste and designing natural and recyclable products for the long term. Studio peipei takes responsibility by embracing the joy of sustainability.

Benedikt Peirotén, born in 1990, is a designer based in Munich and Barcelona.
He started his education with an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic in CNC Milling and graduated from highschool afterwards to study Industrial Design in Munich and Basel [Switzerland], expanded with Internships at SMAL and ATELIER STEFFEN KEHRLE. Working as an Industrial Designer at N+P made him realize that this is not enough. A Master in Design through New Materials at ELISAVA in Barcelona filled last gaps in knowledge and opened up an infinite number of questions at the same time. Studio peipei was founded in 2021.

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