studio peipei ︎︎︎ responsible design of materials and products from waste, leftovers and nature.

studio peipei is a research and design studio.
It develops applications for industrial waste, designs objects, researches or creates materials.
The studio takes responsibility by embracing the joy of sustainability.

Award ︎︎︎ ELISAVA Masters Award, 9th Edition 07/22
Selected ︎︎︎ 10. Recycling Design Prize / Selected for the Exhibition at Martha Herford Museum
Published ︎︎︎ Earthly Matter
Published ︎︎︎ WeVux
Award ︎︎︎ Green Concept Award Winner 22
Interview ︎︎︎ Next Nature
Nominated ︎︎︎
ELISAVA Professional Edition Award 22
Published ︎︎︎ Mit Vergnügen München 12/21
Interview︎︎︎ Mucbook Magazine 12/21
Nominated ︎︎︎ Green Concept Award 22, Pre-Selection
Part of ︎︎︎ Future Materials Bank 11/21

Published ︎︎︎ Plural Magazine 10/21
Published ︎︎︎ Designboom Magazine 09/21
Award ︎︎︎ European Product Design Award 08/21
Exhibition ︎︎︎ Materials and culture, new territories, new aesthetics and new rituals by Materials Narratives, Barcelona [currently]
Published︎︎︎ Material Designers 08/21
Published ︎︎︎ ELISAVA 08/21
Exhibition ︎︎︎ TRIGGER, Barcelona 2021
Published︎︎︎ Material Designers 05/21
Award ︎︎︎ Siemens Home Appliances Design Award Public Vote 2018
Award ︎︎︎ IKEA Stiftungs Designpreis 2017


︎︎︎ man-made extinction. creatures and materials.
with sophie hundbiss
[work in progress]

emission-free ceramics

︎︎︎ how to produce energy neutral?
workshops and research

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