Best before objects
︎︎︎ Made of street litter and
second-hand goods

Labels and font are designed by Sebastian Schmitt and Moritz Hundbiss.

This constantly growing series is intended to show the potential of any material or object. Especially things from the street, but also second hand goods. So-called "waste" is a system failure and exists only through abundance. Material cycles should not only be topics for a few believers.

The "best before" series questions the system of planned obsolescence: a deliberately limited shelf life of technical components in order to maintain consumption.

In addition, the studio's creativity is challenged and a broad knowledge of materials is built up. The goal of this series is to create 100 high quality objects from any scraps. For this purpose, the studio is also open to collaborations and material donations. And in a further step, the design of these objects can also be transferred to serial products, which then do not necessarily have to come from the street. Suitable materials can also be found in the form of industrial leftovers or sustainably produced goods. The expertise of the studio is to find these things in suitable quantities.

best before 004
Synthetic mesh, original purpose unclear (found on the streets of Barcelona).
Blue ribbons, remnants (second hand).
Designed in cooperation with Studio Gianni +

best before 003
Advertising banner (found on the streets of Munich).

best before 002Aluminum sheathed synthetic fiber, probably insulating (found on the streets of Barcelona).
Roller shutter pulls, remnants (second hand).
Cotton fabric lining, remains of an exhibition (second hand).

best before 001
Waterproof awning (found on the streets of Barcelona). Kapok, naturally hygienic and water repellent filling material (second hand).

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